Teen Advocacy and Information on Empowerment

Asian Student Advocacy Project (Coalition of Asian Children& Families)

Ada Lin, Program Coordinator.  [email protected] 

Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (C.I.R.C.L.E.) 


Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg, Newhouse Director.   [email protected]  

CUNY.   School of Professional Studies.   Intergenerational Change Initiative


Sarah Zeller-Berkman, Director.       [email protected]  

Generation Citizen


Khin Mai Aung, Executive Director for NYC.     [email protected] 

Andrew Wilkes, Chief Policy and Advocacy Officer.   [email protected] 

Y Vote


Sanda Balaban, Director      [email protected]     

Books:    Teen 2.0:  Saving our Children and Families from the Torment of Adolescence

                Robert Epstein, Ph.D.   (Quill Driver Books, 2010)

                Crossing Broadway: Washington Heights and the Promise of New York City

                Robert W. Snyder. (Cornell University Press, 2015)

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