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It’s not a debate that the youth is a country’s greatest asset. After all, our children will take care of the nation once we pass away. The role youths play in nation-building (or better yet, in world-building) is most likely more important than we’d like to think.

My name is Alfred H. Kurland, author of The Soul of Adolescence Aligns with the Heart of Democracy Orphans, Rebels and Civic Lovers Unite, and today, I’d like to point out many reasons the youth is the future.

The Youth is the Burning Candle of Hope for the Future

Soon, humans will eventually pass away. We’ve seen it happen a couple of times already. We’ve seen it happen to our loved ones, friends, or strangers with whom we have no chance of interacting. To someone older, claiming that we hold the key to the future is arrogant.

In reality, the youths are the burning candles of hope for the future. Today, they might simply be some kids might go to school, play video games, or go out with their friends. But eventually, they’ll become leaders in their field of expertise.

Another trait the youth have is enthusiasm and high energy. They also have the ability to learn very quickly, able to adapt to their environments when needed. Aside from that, each country would require their participation so that they could move forward and progress.

Without the youth, we simply would have no heralds for future generations. Without the youth, all of our history, hard work, and dreams would stop dead in their tracks the very moment we bite the dust. We need the youth to safeguard the future, and it’s one of the main reasons why they’re so important.

Why are Youths so Vital for the World’s Future?

Young individuals represent the country’s future. But not only that, but they’re also society’s primary agents of progress and change. Their power comes from the fact that they are the culmination of the previous generations’ dream to make progress.

The book Heart of Democracy Orphans, Rebels and Civic Lovers Unite, written by Alfred H. Kurland (which is me), tackles the issue of treating teens as problem solvers of the many problems our society collectively shares instead of seeing them as the cause of said issues. And to be honest, we are all stuck in a society of rapidly descending positive outcomes. A dilemma brought about by our lack of care for teens and our indulgence in destructive and outdated adolescent archetypes.

If you read my book, you’d see the youth’s true importance for not just our nation’s future but for the entire world.

The Many Reasons the Youth is the Future

No one else has the power to build a promising global future than the youth. They’ll solve future crises, write new policies, lead nations to greatness, and make the world a better place to live in. By today’s standards, they’re even more involved in serious discussions and topics than those older than them.

Let’s look at the numerous reasons why the youth is the future we need to nurture.

• They offer an entire world’s worth of potential. Youths are gifted with the ability to see things from a perspective that adults can’t. Yes, some of their approaches might be a bit unorthodox, but with proper guidance and education, they’ll fully realize their potential and use it for good.

• The talents they have promise excellent outcomes. Some youths in schools or other settings already show a ton of potential. Young inventors like Hannah Herbst, who created BEACON (short for Bringing Electricity Access to Countries through Ocean Energy), invented a probe that could harness the energy of the ocean’s waves. Pretty impressive, right?

• Voices that can speak of issues others wish to bury. There are mountains upon mountains of problems in the world. The youth is in a unique position because of their experience. They can speak about issues that others would like to forget entirely. We must not snuff their voices and instead listen to them.

I, Alfred H. Kurland, believe youth is our world’s future. And through my book, I am doing my part in ensuring that they get all the help they need and that we, as adults, do our best to prepare them for greatness.

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